La Nueva Esperanza-Viega  
KLEINVIE S.A. Agroindustria Argentina
  La Nueva Esperanza-Viega
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La Nueva Esperanza-Viega Presentacion
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Desmotadoras // Alimento balanceado
Ginning service to producers and spinners
Sorting and batching services
Commercialization of Raw Cotton and Fiber
Sale of Cotton Seed for forage of 1st. quality
Production in rented fields
Cotton, corn and sorghum
Heifers- Growing Beef Cattle-Growing
Farm capitalization service (breeding and rearing)
Assembly of food microsilos
Sale of Cascarilla/cotton perilla
ganaderia //microsilos


Atencion al cliente:+549 385452395//3834510469 Ruta 34, Esquina Ruta Provincial 206-Fernandez-Santiago del Estero-Argentina